Patient Reviews
  Rakshaben Patel
When I was aged 45 years, I was suffering from the pain of both knee joint. I was not walking properly. Relatives advised me to operate knee replacement after five to ten years hence I was started to take medicines (pain killers) with its side effects and passed time. I contacted Dr. Viral Patel for knee joint pain. He did my Rt. knee replacement successfully. After operation I become absolutely normal and visited Australia to meet my son and live with him for three months. I also suffered from knee joint pain in my Lt. knee.This time he operated my left knee by mini invasive method amazingly. I felt much better and earlier than previous conventional surgery. Today I feel smooth life due to successful operations of both knees. Now I take care of my daughter-in-law.

  Shubhadraben Patel
A mini invasive replacement is marvelous to me. I was on my feet within two days without any type of support. I climbed down stair on fifth day of the surgery and come to home from the hospital. After getting exercise for two weeks & after stitch removal, I feel normal within a month. I am attending all family functions independently. My operation inspire to many relatives who are suffering the same pain and they are also treated by Dr. Viral Patel.

  Kamlaben Patel
I was suffering from my both knee joint pain since last fifteen years. My son is in New Zealand. I want to go to New Zealand to meet my son but New Zealand Embassy said me to cure the knee joint problem and apply for visa. At the age of 78, I prepared myself for operation of both knee. After both knee replacement my legs are totally painless and I am able to sit on ground. I reapplied for Visa and got it without any trouble. Now I am at New Zealand and enjoying company with my son. Now i feel grief about not operated the both joints before fifteen years.

  Jasubhai Patel
Due to knee joint pain I left walking and going outside for six years. One of my neighbor who had operated by Dr. Viral Patel for knee joint pain – replacement – which was successive. I had taken inspiration from his case and got ready for operation. After successful joint replacement at Maruti Orthopedic Hospital by Dr. Viral Patel, I feel better and I go to friend circle meeting and temple for worhip. I advice the patients who are living with knee joint pain to get knee joint replacement.

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