Our Approach to Knee Problem

Our approach to Knee problem

  Previously when the joint replacement surgeries where launched in India the joints used were of such design that was not allowed the knee to flex more than 90 degree. After that the newer design came which was allowing flexion more than 110 degree. Now the latest designs (HiFlex & Gender specific knee) of the joints have evolved which allows flexion more than 130 degree allowing siting on the floor & some patients can squat.
»  When you should think of Surgery :
  • Difficulty in walking – walking with wlking aids, limping gait, waddling gait.
  • Long tem analgesics taking persons whocse pain is not much relieved with analgesics.
  • Rest Pain, night pain
  • Difficulty in sitting on floor
  • When there is significant bowing of your knees with pain
    When above mentioned problems are harassing, you should think of knee replacement.
»  Certain Misconcepts about Knee Replacement :
  • People says you can’t walk much but our operated patients are absolutely against such type of misbelieves, our patient can walk without any aids as far as    they want.
  • Some says you can’t sit on floor – that was true with previous joints but with the development of the newer upgraded joints you are allowed to sit on floor.
  • People having diabetes, hypertension & certain medical problems have failed their surgery – wrong belief as such patients requires little more medical care    during the surgery but such diseases don’t have any relations with the end result of the surgery.
»  If you don’t do Knee Replacement :
  • Due to your limping gait you may develop other knee joint arthritis, spinal canal stenosis – sciatica.
  • You have to stand up or use the sticks to walk which gives stress to your shoulders which will lead to shoulder damage & chronic shoulder pain.
  • Due to over usage of medicines it may lead to certain side effects of that all medicines.
»  Latest Beneficiary ways of Knee Joint Replacement :
  • With newer development, the new era of full mobility & longevity has arrived which serve the patients what they want. Our patients who gain front of god in the    temple, gardening, playing with their grand kids, drive the vehicles & enjoy their outdoor long trips also.
  • In past, after surgery patient had to take rest for 1 to 1.5 months but now-a-days due to newer joint design there is no need to take rest, we mobilizes the    patients on very next days of the surgery & physiotherapy also requires for quite less – 3 to 4 weeks.
  • We are performing minimally invasive total knee replacement surgeries which involves the incision just 1/3rd of the length of routine incision. Thins minimally    invasive surgery helps the patient to recover very fast. The strength of anterior thigh muscles remains same.
  • Modern Hiflexion knee joint design & minimally invasive knee replacement surgery offer the patient to flex the knee joint up to 145 degree which is nearly like    squatting position that needs to sit on the floor etc.
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